Censuses 1841 Onwards







One of the most useful sources of information about any area of the UK, or any family tree is the range of census information gathered every 10 years. The first really useful census was in 1841; although aggregated data about the numbers of persons per district was gathered from 1811. This does not affect our history of Howick Street as  the development was begun in the early 1830s and prior to that only one house (Grove House) was standing-at that time described as within Green Batt.

Analysis of each census reveals details of the broad range of occupations carried out within the lower and more industrious parts of Howick St, although the occupants of the Upper area also participated in a wide range trades and professions.

Use the links below to examine what each census found in Howick Street:

1841          1851           1861         1871         1891