Rothbury Vintage Fair 2014

This event  raised over £10,000 to install more life-saving defibrillators around our area.Having had one installed directly opposite the museum,  Bailiffgate was delighted to go along and support the event

Several lovely people were good enough to share their most treasured possessions with us, in most cases after having them valued by an expert at an “Antiques Roadshow” type event-  which you can hear going on in the background..

(Note: Once you have clicked on any sound clip and heard it to the end, it is easiest to use the web page back button to “return” and select  another)



     Peter Dawson tells us all about Shells

(not the sort on Alnmouth beach, we hope!)

Martin Merriman and his wife share their valuable bronze with a “lovely bottom”

Ken Davidson tells about how his family lived a life of farming, charted by their tractors

David Griffiths and his wife were told their

small porcelain figure will never make them rich,

but they love it anyway.

Anne Bell treasures her old money box although in her words it is not “PC”..

Even the expert was baffled trying to value Anne Bells Chairman Mao alarm clock,  complete with waving Little Red Book

Alan Rowley so loves his red mini that he is determined to use it all his life. Judging by the condition, that should be no problem.