Hipsburn School Project

The project was a partnership between the Museum, Hipsburn First School and Alnmouth History Group.

It aimed to record the history and local dialect of the Hipsburn/Alnmouth area, to provide both a teaching resource for the school and a Local history Trail for visitors and local people.



1.0 Oral History interviews were recorded in 3 main subject areas;

-Families who remember holidaying in the summer encampment in the 1950s among the dunes on the south side at Alnmouth

-Memories of schooldays and growing up in the area and-Stories of the Alnmouth fishing families since the Second World War.

 Some  audio interviews can be found in The Memory Store  under the title “Lesbury remembers”


2. Based on the school days memories from the 30s, 40s and 50s a short film script was developed and recorded in the Museum with pupils from Hipsburn First School.


3.0 Alnmouth History group created a village trail for visitors and the children.

          Chronologic & Environmental themes considered included the  Mesolithic & Bronze Age, natural estuarine marshland; Sea and Road transport, the need for bridges and harbours; the Medieval village, exploitation of natural resources, coal- and salt-working; Eighteenth- and early-Nineteenth century trade and seafaring, especially farming and corn; the story of the village ‘High Street’ through its  Buildings and Monuments.


          All elements of the route(s) and the content were guided by discussions with school staff and the Trail was released in 2015.