“Digging for Memories”

This project, run at the Alnwick Garden  and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund invited a number of those who could still remember World War Two to share their recollections.

There are links below to a sample of the memory cards completed -where possible in the original form- along with some of the advertisements and other stimuli which were used during these memory sessions. 

Not unnaturally, those who were children in wartime often remember the food shortages most clearly. Those who were older during wartime have more personal memories.. ..

Separation/ Getting Married 

Baking Bread 

 Food in the War Years

Blood Sweat and Tears 

What I remember about WW2

When Can I have a Banana

Mum The War has Started

 No Chance to Argue

 Radio Slogans

Woolton Pie

Well Meet Again

For materials suitable for running memory session, or for the teaching of WW2 in schools ,

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