Stories From Our Collections 

Alnwick has been blessed over the years with a range of characters whose stories make fascinating reading. The aim of this section is to bring you as many of their stories as we can uncover.



Douglas Common– who left us a unique record of the period when World War and Variety formed a heady mix to entertain the people of Alnwick

John Hall Sanderson, whose collection of photographs forms an amazing record of life in the Alnwick area just before WW1.

William Percy – creating clothing for Queens of Europe

Sgt Doyle, whose amazing military career included 7 major battles, including Waterloo!

Reverent George Marshall– whose bravery and environmental interest was outstanding

The Phoenix – Cheerfulness from those who had been to hell and back

Militia Documents – From a time when local men were expected to protect our community

Theatre in Alnwick – Going back  to at least 1796