Alnwick in the Great War 

(ISBN 978-0-9927324-2-4)



Ian Hall


  Published by Wanney Books – 

A new book was published on 28 July 2014, proudly carrying the Western Front Associations logo on the front cover, so acknowledging the part the WFA, & especially the Northumberland Branch played in its conception & publication. 

Although only 40 pages in all, it is notable for a fascinating collection of facts, many never-before-published photos & facsimiles concerning the famous Alnwick Camp, some of the Northumberland Fusiliers battalions stationed there, & about the wider Alnwick district.

The facsimiles of papers bought by Kevin Barron at a Liverpool auction reveal the innermost workings of the Local Emergency Committees in the area.  This unique insight into the Home defence preparations include such fascinating documents as a Despatch Riders Test; a list of vehicles available for requisition; & the evacuation routes planned for the civilian population in the event of an invasion.

Such home defence matters are more usually associated with WW2, but this book shows that much of the planning – & practice! – had been carried out many years before, & had begun to be implemented within days of the declaration of war in 1914.


This book should appeal greatly to local readers who will recognise many family names & locations. While it may seem to be quite a specialist & local offering, as Ian points out, quite correctly, although the stories may be about the Alnwick district, they will probably have a resonance for people in many small towns through the length & breadth of Britain.  It is a wonderful glimpse of the workings of the Local Emergency Committees that were set up all over Britain.

We have no hesitation in recommending this book as a valuable addition to any bookshelf – &, at £4.50 (including p & p), an extremely economical one!

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