No 7 Howick St

 In 1841 the property we believe to be number seven Howick St was lived in by several families (according to the census of that year) .People often lived one family to a room at this time and a total of nine people lived here then.

In 1875 two properties were up for sale, with sitting tenants Lot1 was probably what we now call no 7

By the 1901 census we know not only the number of the property but also the number of rooms within that property. We know for sure that no7 had a mix of people sharing those rooms. There was:Thomas Thompson a cabinet maker, his wife and four children, in one room;Thomas  Yeamans a retired stonemason, his wife, his sister-in-law and brother-in-law and a boarder in two room; John Smith and wife and baby in one room; Thomas Kirk, a joiner, his wife and 5 children in 3 rooms; Thomas Adams a shepherd, his son and his family in 2 rooms; Anne Gilholme a laudress in one room; Ann Scott another laundress and her son in two rooms; and Margaret Telford in one room. This makes a grand total of 30 people in 13 rooms although some of these rooms may have been partitioned off .

By 1911,the overcrowding was slightly better, James Turnbull a cabinet maker in furniture factory, his wife and 5 children were in 2 rooms; Margaret Kirk a widow her son and a boarder, in 2 rooms; Thomas Thompson a cabinet maker and his two daughters in one room; James Weatheritt a stone mason, his wife and 7 children and a house servant in 2 rooms; making 7 rooms and 23 people.

The building was still as tenements in 1950, when it was put up for sale along with several other properties in Howick St.  At that time it was let to 7 tenants 9some of which were probably families) in 11 rooms.

By 2014 there was only one resident when the house was sold.