A Short History of Alnwick Baptist Church

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In 1883 a small group of 16 Baptists formed Alnwick Baptist Church (ABC), meeting in the old theatre. Some members came from Warkworth Baptist Church, which had closed, others joined from the Presbyterian and Congregational churches in Alnwick. There were at this time already 12 places of worship in the town despite the population numbering only 6000.

During 1888, ABC moved to the Presbyterian Church in Lisburn St, renting it at a cost of £25 per year.

By 1898 church membership numbered 47.

In 1900 ABC bought their current Lisburn St / Howick St premises from the trustees of St James’ Church for £400 -which would be the equivalent of over £50,000 today- by borrowing £250 as a mortgage. This building was always intended to be a temporary dwelling place but.

In 1932, members raised £150 to pay off the mortgage.

By 1934, however membership numbered only 35 and the church was struggling.

During the period 1935-1941 there was a series of short term ministers

From 1941-49 joint services were held with Sion Congregational Church, who were also without a minister.

1949-52 saw the church served by a series of student preachers

But in 1957 the building was refurbished, thanks to a bequest from a Miss Hume, and the Rev Catherall was installed as minister, beginning a period of greater stability.

In the early 1980’s the gallery level was removed

In 2001, the building was again refurbished, including  new entrance and stair lift.

Today the church family numbers around 120.

Alnwick Baptist Church Leaders 2019


Current Revs.   Chris & Caroline FRIEND

2003 – 2019   Rev. David ARCHER

1990 – 2003 Rev. Gordon J. TURNER

1989 – 1990 Rev. Eric WESTWOOD (Moderator)

1985 – 1989  Jack E. TURNER

1980 – 1986 James George TWEEDALE

1980 – 1982 Roger GREEN (Supplementary Minister)

1969 – 1980 Ernest M. PARKER

1963 – 1967 Rev. Thomas LITCHFIELD

1952 – 1961 Rev. Gordon Arthur CATHERALL

(1942 – 1949) Rev. R. W. CAMERON (Moderator)

1938 – 1941 Rev. Clifford MANNING

1935 – 1937 Robert SNAITH (Association Evangelist)

1907 – 1934 Rev. T. PALMER BLACK

1904 – 1907 Rev. J. K. L McLEOD

1898 – 1904 Rev. Adam KIRK

1893 – 1898 Rev. Willis W. WILKS

1886 – 1891 Rev. George LAUDER

1884 – 1886 Rev. David ROSS


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