1871 Census Howick St

Please note that property numbers do not correspond to those nowadays, so it is not generally possible to identify the house involved for any particular family.

Property first name surname status age occupation where born notes
grocer shop George Thompson head 31 blacksmith/grocer Alnwick
Diana Thompson wife 34 Edlingham
Mary Thompson dau 8 scholar Alnwick
Dorothy Thompson dau 4 Alnwick
Mary Danson head 71 knitting Bamburgh
William Danson son 50 tailor Alnwick
George Danson son 43 tailor Alnwick
Isabella Danson dau 35 dressmaker Alnwick
Mary F Danson gdau 8 scholar Alnwick
Michael Forster head 52 ag. lab. Morpeth
Jane Forster wife 42 Rothbury
George Forster son 8 scholar Alnwick
Henry Badger head 55 Wesleyan minister Bilston staffs
Hannah Badger wife 48 Warwick
John M Badger son 13 scholar Evesham
Joseph Badger son 10 scholar Evesham
Elizabeth Pratto serv 16 general servant Bedford
William Bell head 50 boot/shoe maker. Master emp. Alnwick
Mary N Bell wife 47 10men Norwich
Anne T Bell dau 24 boot makers assistant Alnwick
Jane Bell dau 15 scholar Alnwick
William Bell son 13 scholar Alnwick
James Bell son 11 scholar Alnwick
Joseph Bell son 10 scholar Alnwick
George Bell son 9 scholar Alnwick
Albert E Bell son 8 scholar Alnwick
Elizabeth Bell dau 1 Alnwick
next James Hare head 44 coachmaker (trimmer) Derby
Jane Hare wife 39 Derby
Joseph Hare son 17 tailors apprentice Notts
Mary A Hare dau 10 scholar Notts
Mary Robinson boarder 7 scholar Shilbottle
George Lindsay head 39 carriage maker Alnwick
Jane Lindsay wife 39 Lesbury
Mary Jane Lindsay dau 4 Alnwick
Isabella Charlton head/w 33 keeps a mangle Alnwick
John  Charlton son 6 scholar Alnwick
Ralph Charlton son 4 Alnwick
next William Black head 61 brewer emp 1 man Whittingham
Alice Black wife 63 Lowick
John Bull ? Alice Black dau 27 brewers daughter Alnwick
Margaret Black dau 18 Alnwick
George Robertson boarder 21 joiner Lowick
next Charles E Moore head 33 school master Gt Camberton
Martha N Moore sister 25 general servant Gt Camberton
next Andrew Mulhany head 66 Col.sgt Northland militia staff Ireland
Elizabeth Mulhany wife 60 segeants wife Ireland
next Margaret Cook head 70/w laundress Lesbury
Isabella Cook dau 26 laundress Shilbottle
Wiliam Reahy gson 14 scholar Alnwick
John Reahy gson 11 scholar Alnwick
Wiliam Howliston head 30 slater & plasterer Alnwick
Mary Howliston wife 28 Alnwick
Ellen Howliston dau 7 scholar Alnwick
Wiliam Howliston son 4 Alnwick
John Howliston son 2 Alnwick
Thomas Howliston son baby Alnwick
Jane W Lough head 53/w dressmaker Eglingham
Wiliam Lough son 13 scholar Alnwick
Wiliam Pillans lodger 60/w retired gardener Scotland
John Scott lodger 19 grocers apprentice warkworth
Charles C Ashburn head 31 harnessmaker Alnwick
Barbara Ashburn wife 32 Alnwick
Robert Ashburn son 8 scholar Alnwick
Sarah Ashburn dau 6 scholar Alnwick
Jane Ashburn dau 3 Alnwick
next Wiliam Wright head 54 carver in wood Newcastle
Janet Wright wife 30 Newcastle
Mary M Wright dau 10 scholar Alnwick
Wiliam Wright son 8 scholar Alnwick
Janet N Wright dau 7 scholar Alnwick
Emma Wright dau 3 Alnwick
next James Tait head 71 retired builder Chatton
Margaret Tait wife 63 South Shields
James Tait son 29 woodcarver out of employ Alnwick
Margaret Akenhead head 70 annuitant Alnwick
Elizabeth Rennie head 73 formerly in dom.service Alnwick
next Wiliam Carss head 51 saddler employing 1 man London
Hannah Carss wife 47 Suderland
next George Suthren head 57 currier Whittingham
Jane Suthren wife 59 Whittingham
Jane R Suthren dau 23 Alnwick
George Suthren son 14 scholar Alnwick
next Cuthbert Burnett head 58 sgt.on staff of Militia Ireland
Isabella Burnett wife 62 Alnwick
empty houses not completed
next 37 Joseph Appleby head 37 fullmonger Alnwick
Elizabeth Appleby wife 35 Richmond Yk
next 35 John Short head 69 joiner&machine maker emp 2 Lesbury
men &3 lads
Margaret Scott serv 56 servant Shilbottle
next 33 Wiliam Robinson head 37 cabinet maker Felton
Margaret Robinson wife 44 Lesbury
John Robinson father 70 horse keeper Whittingham
next Wiliam Hood head 31 cabinet maker Alnwick
(tenement) Sarah Hood wife 32 Alnwick
John Hood son 6 scholar Alnwick
Thomas Hood son 4 Alnwick
Wiliam Hood son 2 Alnwick
Jane W Hood dau baby Alnwick
Walter Moss head 34 coachpainter Caldwell
Margaret Moss wife 34 Alnwick
Ann S Moss dau 7 scholar Alnwick
Elizabeth Moss dau 5 Alnwick
Edith Moss dau baby Alnwick
George Mordue head 31 joiner 1840-1894 Alnwick moved to Hotspur Place
Ann F Mordue wife 31 Alnwick
George Mordue son 1 Alnwick
unnamed Mordue dau baby Alnwick later named Agnes
Ann McFarlane m.in.law 62 gardeners wife Bamburgh
Thomas Hume head 29 Mason Rothbury
Mary Hume wife 29 Alnwick
Hannah Hume dau 4 Alnwick
Thomas Hume son 1 Alnwick
next Rebecca Banks head 36/w Laundress Eton Wick
(Tenement) Sarah Banks dau 16 dressmaker London
Robert Banks son 15 appr.cabinet maker Eton Wick
Richard Trotter lodger 18 drapers appr Warkworth
Joseph N Dixon head 32 joiner Lesbury
Margaret Dixon wife 36 Lesbury
Mary F Dixon dau 6 Lesbury
Jane Dixon dau 4 Lesbury
Jane Swinton wife 46 joiners wife Alnwick
Joseph P Swinton son 14 drapers appr Alnwick
George P Swinton son 13 scholar Alnwick
Elizabeth Swinton dau 10 scholar Alnwick
Clara Trotter neice 9 scholar Embleton
Thomas Yeomans head 29 Mason Longhoughton
Mary Yeomans wife 28 Alnwick
Mary Ann Scott boarder 5 Alnwick
next Patrick Torpy head 42 Militia Staff Sgt Ireland
Mary Torpy wife 27 Ireland
Lavinia Torpy dau 8 scholar Ireland
Henry Torpy son 6 scholar Ireland
Jane Torpy dau 4 Ireland
Mary Torpy dau 2 Ireland
next Jane Ann King head 58w annuitant Alnwick
Ann L King dau 26 dressmaker Alnwick
Jane King dau 21 mantlemaker Alnwick
next Matthew Johnson head 44 Mason Alnwick
Ann  Johnson wife 38 Morpeth
George  Johnson son 18 drapers appr Alnwick
Robert Johnson son 16 plumber Alnwick
Alice Johnson dau 12 scholar Alnwick
Matthew Johnson son 9 scholar Alnwick
Ann Johnson dau 6 scholar Alnwick
William Johnson son 3 Alnwick
Robert Kerr head 43 staff sgt Northumberland militia East India
Maria Kerr wife 33 Ireland
Elizabeth Kerr dau 10 scholar Ionian Islands
Anna Kerr dau 7 scholar Ionian Islands
Agnes Kerr dau 4 Hereford
Susannah H Taffe lodger 28 certificates schoolmistress Alnwick
next Eleanor Thompson head 51 nurse Embleton
James Thompson son 17 Chemist apprentice Alnwick
William Pringle head 49 house carpenter Berwick
Frances Pringle wife 48 Berwick
Alice Pringle dau 24 dressmaker Newcastle
Edward Pringle son 22 Mason Alnwick
Mary Pringle dau 19 dressmaker Alnwick
Frances Pringle dau 9 scholar Alnwick
next James Smart head 43 Roper employ 3 men&4 boys Alnwick
Elizabeth Smart wife 40 Alnwick
Elizabeth Smart dau 14 scholar Alnwick
James Smart son 11 scholar Alnwick
Ann Smart dau 8 scholar Alnwick
Thomas Smart son 6 scholar Alnwick
Jane Smart dau 4 Alnwick
Mary Smart dau 2 Alnwick
Frances Smart dau 1 Alnwick
Charles Nesbitt head 75 groom Alnwick
Isabella Nesbitt wife 76 grooms helper Wooler
Jane Nesbitt dau 36 family dressmaker Alnwick
Isabella Thirlwell gdau 14 gen dom servant Newcastle
John C Nesbitt gson 24 out of employ Alnwick
John C Nesbitt gson 3 Alnwick
next David McKenley head 51 ship owner&stone mason-emp Alnwick on previous censuses
Eleanor McKenley wife 62 6masons 2 app&5 labourers Alnwick for Howick St and Kellys
William McKenley son 24 master draper Alnwick
Anna McKenley mother 90 Rothbury
next Robert Davison head 68 builder/journeyman emp 12 men Alnwick
Elizabeth Davison wife 48 &2 app.As surveyor emp 8 men Alnwick
Robert Davison son 19 grocers app&methodist preacher Alnwick
Thomas Davison son 17 chemists app Alnwick
Isabella Davison dau 14 scholar Alnwick
John R Davison son 12 scholar Alnwick
James R Davison son 9 scholar Alnwick
George Davison son 31 mason Alnwick
Andrew R Davison son 4 Alnwick
next Joseph Robertson head 58 joiner Alnwick
Isabella Robertson wife 56 Whittingham
George Reid boarder 40 draper Whittingham
John W Richards boarder 15 chemists app Sussex
next Thomas Gibb head 40 Assistant Chemist Alnwick
Jane Gibb wife 33 Liverpool widow by 1881 living in
William Gibb son 13 scholar Berwick/Tweed Fenkle st /confectioner
Mary Gibb dau 12 scholar Berwick/Tweed
Alice Gibb dau 10 scholar Berwick/Tweed
Jane Gibb dau 9 scholar Alnwick
Elizabeth Gibb dau 7 scholar Berwick/Tweed
Eleanor Gibb dau 5 Berwick/Tweed
John Gibb son 3 Berwick/Tweed
Thomas Gibb son 1 Berwick/Tweed
next James Child Akeroyd head 36 tailors cutter 1835-1907 Leeds still in HS1881.1891
Marion Akeroyd wife 31 Scotland in Bondgate hse.In1901
Frank Akeroyd son 6 scholar Scotland Gents outfitters in Clive
James Akeroyd son 6 scholar Scotland Hse.d aged 72 left £7520
Peter H Akeroyd son 4 Scotland
Elizabeth Akeroyd dau 2 Alnwick died before 1881
Margaret Akeroyd dau baby Alnwick died before 1881
Margaret Storey serv 17 house serv Shilbottle
next Alexander Nicholson head 25 tailor  Scotland
Margaret Nicholson wife 24 Kirknewton
Thomas Nicholson son 3 Alnwick
John Nicholson son 1 Alnwick
Joseph Wrigglesworth head 24 butchers assistant Shilbottle in Durham prison in 1901
Mary N Wrigglesworth wife 20 Alnwick
Thomas Wrigglesworth son 1 Shilbottle
John 1819-1894 Cuthbertson head 53 shoemaker N.Shields in HS in 1881&1891
Margaret Cuthbertson wife 55 Alnwick
John Cuthbertson son 25 drapers assistant Alnwick
Lucy Cuthbertson dau 24 dressmaker Newcastle
Isabella Cuthbertson dau 22 dressmaker Newcastle
Margaret Cuthbertson dau 13 scholar Alnwick
William Dixon head 21 blacksmith Whittingham
Jessie Dixon wife 23 Rothbury
William Dixon son baby Alnwick
Albert Aisbitt d 1896 head 34 coachbody builder Newcastle
Elizabeth Aisbitt wife 22 Gateshead
John Castle head 26 gardener (dom service) Scotland
Mary   Castle wife 20 Alnwick
John Castle son 1 Alnwick
next Elizabeth Gibson head/w 53 laundress Alnham
Robert Gibson son 16 blacksmith apprentice Sunderland
Jane Gibson dau 11 scholar Embleton
Thomas Gibson son 9 scholar Alnwick
Flora Anderson head/u 35 laundress Scotland
Robert Anderson son 2 Alnwick
Isabella Telford head 55 laundress Bolton
Margaret Telford dau 20 milliner Alnwick
William Shell head 22 slater Ponteland
Anne Shell wife 27 ag.lab Sunderland
next Jonathan Cockburn head 59 house carp. Employ 1 man Sunderland
Mary Cockburn wife 59 & 1 apprentice Sunderland
Anne Cockburn dau 26 carpenters daughter Alnwick
Eleanor Cockburn dau 24 milliner Alnwick
Frances Cockburn dau 18 carpenters daughter Alnwick
next Edwin Davidson Maule 1837-1908 head 34 master coach builder empl. Alnwick son of Will. Maule coach
Mary Maule wife 27 19men & 10 boys Staffs builder of 3, Howick St
James Bright visitor 70 income from investments Essex
Jane Thompson serv 19 domestic servant Alnwick
next William Lockhart head 42 scrounger Scotland
Elizabeth Lockhart wife 44 Wooler
George Lockhart son 16 coach smith apprentice Wooler
Janet Lockhart dau 14 scholar Wooler
Ann Lockhart dau 11 scholar Alnwick
William Lockhart son 8 scholar Alnwick
James Hudson lodger 17 drapers assistant York
Ann Taylor head 57 dressmaker Eglingham