Residents of Belvedere

A comprehensive history –or as near as can be achieved- is being researched currently for each dwelling within Belvedere Terrace till the present day. ( If you have any information which could be of use in this task do please contact us)

A search of the censuses has initially been used to find residents of the Terrace but these are not always reliable and mistakes occur. People move in and out between censuses and it was only by searching directories, poll books and newspapers that some occupants were discovered. It was not always possible to know if they were owners or renting the properties.

The 1841 census does not record any inhabitants as living in Belvedere Terrace. In 1847 Whites Directory gives a Mr Charles Riddell , a gentleman, as living at No 1, Mrs Smythe  at No 2, Mrs Winscome  at No3 and William Forster at No 5.