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Joseph John Laidler

Joseph John



Service Number:


Corps of Royal Engineers, 319th Road Construction Company



Shincliffe Churchyard, County Durham

Service History:
Enlisted at Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland.

Laidler's Army Service Records are available via

His Short Service Attestation form was completed on 11 December 1915. He gave his occupation as a Steam Roller Driver, & his address as 6, South View, Acomb, Hexham.

Laidler saw Home service from December 1915.

The proximate cause of death was as the result of an accident however the actual cause of death was Influenza, which developed into Pneumonia.

Notwithstanding some records are largely indecipherable, on 5 August 1918 Laidler was hit by a car which caused serious skeletal injuries. He was admitted to hospital on 10 August.

Several fractured ribs were identified, & there's an inference there may have been damage to at least one lung. Whatever, on admission there was evidence of Bronchitis.

Throughout his hospitalisation Laidler was weak. Although he appeared to rally at one point, towards the end of September his temperature readings increased to 100 degrees plus. On 18 October he was diagnosed with Influenza & had a temperature of 103 degrees. By 24 October Pneumonia had developed, thereafter he steadily became weaker & breathing more laboured. He died on 27 October.

Born about 1886 at Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland, the son of Thomas (b.1865) & his wife Isabella (b.1862) who were both born in Berwickshire.

In 1891, Laidler was living with his parents, younger sister Jane (b.1888; who became Jane Humble & who was living at Pottergate, Alnwick at the time of her brother's death) & brother William (b.1891; on the Statement of Names & Addresses of Relative..., William's address was given as c/o Wilson, Holgate & Co. Ltd., Colombo, Ceylon, now Sri Lanka) at Humebank, Eccles, Berwickshire. His father was a Shepherd.

By 1901 the family were living at Hensel House, Glanton, Northumberland & there were two more children - Thomas Jnr.(b.1893) & Helen Jane (b.1898; who married to become Helen Jane Houliston & who was living at Whittingham Lane, Whittingham at the time of her brother's death ). Thomas Snr., according to the census, was then a Farmer. Unusually, Laidler, at the age of 15, was still a scholar.

In the 3rd Quarter 1909 Laidler appears to have married Mary Ann Charlton (b.1876; at Belford, Northumberland). In 1911 they were living with her father, George Charlton (b. about 1848; at Belford; a Farm Labourer) at Lilburn Lower Farm, West Lilburn, Northumberland. Lilburn was 25, his wife was 35, & he worked as a Traction Engine Driver at a Sawmill. His parents & brother Thomas were living at Middleton Hall, not far from Lilburn.

That first marriage was clearly of short duration, quite why that should have been goes beyond the scope of this study. What is known is that, on 25 April 1915, Laidler married Christina Morton. They lived at 6, South View, Acomb, Hexham. They had a daughter, Margaret Ellen, born on 12 February 1917. Before his death the family had moved from Acomb to 6, Pond Street, Shincliffe Bank Top, County Durham.

Local Memorial:
Glanton, Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour Glanton, United Reform Church (Source: For Glanton URC, Whittingham, Roll of Honour in St. BartholomewÂ’s Church