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Albert Robson, MM


Robson, MM


Service Number:


Northumberland Fusiliers, 22nd (Service) Battalion (3rd Tyneside Scottish)



Caberet-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez

Service History:
Enlisted at Felton, Northumberland.

Robson arrived on the Western Front sometime after the end of 1915. The 22nd (Service) Battalion (3rd Tyneside Scottish) arrived there on 11 January 1916.

The Tyneside Scottish & Tyneside Irish Brigades were decimated when they attacked German positions around La Boisselle, near Albert on 1 July 1916. By 3 July, the 22nd Battalion's casualties were 100 killed, 144 'Missing', & 384 wounded.

The battalion received an influx of new recruits & continued to fight on the Somme until August 1916. In 1917, they held various sectors & took part in several actions.

On 28 September 1917, Robson, with nine other men, was awarded the Military Medal.

In March 1918 the battalion was back on the Somme. On 21 March an enemy attack began at 05:00hrs with intense shelling & mustard gas. Initial casualties were very heavy. The battalion fell back but by 17:00hrs the enemy were on three sides of them.

On 22 March the enemy attempted to take the trench occupied by the remains of the battalion & fierce fighting ensued. The battalion was finally relieved that night.

Robson was one of the casualties of the action. He died of his wounds on 30 March.
(Source: 'Felton War Memorial: The Men behind the names'; Eleanor George [formerly Hall]; 2009; p. 50)

Born in 1894, at Felton, the third of eight children of Matthew Robson (a Mole Catcher, like his father), by his wife, Margaret Robson (née Kirkup). The family lived at Swarland.

Pre-enlistment occupation: Farm Labourer.
(Source: 'Felton War Memorial: The Men behind the names'; Eleanor George [formerly Hall]; 2009; p. 50)

Local Memorial:
Felton War Memorial incorporating Acton, Eshott, Swarland & Thirston