1851 Census Howick Street ( House Numbers not as present)
Surname Forenames Status Age   Occupation Place of birth
Henderson Jane u head 41  annuitant Swarland
Grey Jane u servant 20  House servant Alnwick
Davison Robert head 40  master mason employ Alnwick
Davison Elizabeth wife 28  5 men Amble
Davison William son 5 Alnwick
Davison George son 1 Alnwick
Pringle William head 29  House carpenter Lowick
Pringle Frances wife 28 Berwick
Pringle Alice Jane dau 4 Newcastle
Pringle Edward son 2 Alnwick
Pringle Elizabeth Potts dau 1 Alnwick
Mackenley David head 41  Mason Alnwick
Mackenley Eleanor wife 33 Alnwick
Mackenley William son 4 Alnwick
Mackenley Jane dau 2 Alnwick
Thompson Thomas head 61  Mason Ford
Thompson Elizabeth wife 56 Chatton
Thompson James son 28  Mason Alnwick
Thompson Robert son 17  Mason Alnwick
Thompson Elizabeth dau 19 Alnwick
Thompson Ellen Dau-in-law 32 Embleton
Thompson Mary g-dau 1 Embleton
Thompson Jemima widow 40  sewing/cleaning Scotland
Thompson Henry Boyd son 3 Scotland
Bain Ann head/u 30 Alnwick
Bain Jane  neice 16  servant Alnwick
Revell John nephew 3 Alnwick
  George uncle 70  shoemaker Alnwick
Weddell Margaret aunt 66 Alnwick
Howlington John head  77  Joiner Scotland
Howlington Elizabeth wife 76 Scotland
Turner Henry Taylor head 35  draper Alnwick
Turner Eleanor wife 38 Alnwick
Turner John M D son 12  scholar Alnwick
Turner Eleanor dau 9  scholar Alnwick
Turner Ann dau 4 Alnwick
Allan Elizabeth head/u 63  landholder  Whittle,Shillbottle
Thompson Samuel head 61  Slater Bamboro
Thompson Eleanor wife 53 Budle
Thompson Ann dau 21 Alnwick
Rennie Elizabeth head 52  general dealer Alnwick
Pollack John lodger 25  Coach body builder Scotland
Landells Elizabeth head/w 52 l aundress Beadnell
Landells Elizabeth neice 5  scholar London
Brown William head 25  blacksmith Warkworth
Brown Jane  wife 22 Bolam
Brown Ann dau baby Alnwick
Straughan George head/w 48  Labourer Whittingham
Straughan Hannah dau 11  scholar Alnwick
Hall Thomas head 40  Coalminer Lucker moor
Hall Jane  wife 28 Hebron moor
Glass Jane  visitor 10 Heckley Huce
Watson Sarah visitor 21 Rye hill
Carlington Sarah head/w 68  Baker Alnwick
Carlington George son 42  Baker Alnwick
Neaper William servant 18  Bakers app Alnwick
Anderson John head 39  shoemaker Alnwick
Anderson Mary wife 36 Ireland
Rennison Henry head 40  ag labourer Snitter
Rennison Margaret wife 38 Snitter
Rennison Mary dau 13 Snitter
Rennison John son 9 Snitter
Rennison George son 6 Snitter
Rennison Jesse dau 3 Snitter
Rennison Henry son baby Alnwick
Henderson William head 56  master carpenter  Scotland
Henderson Margaret wife 56  employing 10 men Scotland
Henderson Jane Elizabeth dau 12 Alnwick
Maule William head 47  coach builder  North Middleton
Maule Ann wife 48  employing 35 men
Maule William son 22  coach body maker
Maule Sarah dau 20 Alnwick
Maule Mary Ann dau 17 Alnwick
Maule Frederick son 16 coach painter Alnwick
Walton Thomas nephew 12
Robinson Margaret head/w 68  annuitant Boulmer
Riley M neice 30  servant Alnwick
Young John head 61  sergeant in North militia Lesbury
Young Ann wife 50 Shieldykas
Hodgson Richard head 35  commercial teacher Hull
Leighton Agnes dau 10  of music/ singing Alnwick
1 house building
Brown John head 65  woolstapler Leeds
Brown Margaret wife 65 Longthorpe Yorks
2 houses building
Maule Alexander head 28  Coachsmith/springmaker Whittingham
Maule Catherine wife 24 Newcastle
Maule William John son 1 Alnwick
Henderson George head 25  smith empl 1 man/2 boys Alnwick
Henderson Hannah wife 30 Alnwick
Smart Thomas head 38  draper Alnwick
Smart Jane   wife 33 Durham
Emens Mary visitor 43 Eglingham
Thompson Martha visitor 36  nurse Wooler
Anderson William head 69  Slater/publican Star & Southampton
Anderson Ann wife 55  Garter Inn (now No 12)  Ireland
Anderson Ann dau 31  staysmaker Alnwick
Anderson William son 22  slater  Alnwick
Anderson Charles son 19  slater Alnwick
Anderson Mary gdau 14  Dom. Servant Alnwick
Strafford Nixon head 44  plasterer Alnwick
Strafford Isabella wife 37 Alnwick
Strafford Sarah dau 5 Alnwick
Strafford Nixon Thomas son 3 Alnwick
Strafford George son baby Alnwick
Dickman Emma servant 14  dom serv Alnwick
Davison Mary head 25  dressmaker  Alnwick
Shepherd Isabella mother 67 Brumhill
Lindsay Mary lodger 74  annuitant Newcastle
Hume Thomas head 52  retired farmer Hebron
Hume Frances wife 30 Felton
Gellhaspy Elizabeth servant 22  dom serv Whatton

1855 Whellans Directory (of Tradespeople) for Howick St

Surname Forenames Occupation
Black William Brewer/ John Bull Inn*
Brown  John Woolstapler
Brown John Norwich union insurance
Cockburn Jonathan joiner/carpenter
Henderson & sons joiner/carpenter
Henderson George smith
Maule William Coach-builder
Robinson Margaret Mrs
Thompson Thomas Mason
Thompson Eleanor Slater
Turner  Ellen Draper shop in Fenkle St

1858 Post Office Directory

Surname Forenames Occupation
Black Ann Mrs John Bull Public House
Campbell Colin Inland Revenue officer
Glass  George Blacksmith
Henderson Margaret  Mrs
Henderson John Joiner/cartwright
Mackenley & Davison Mason
Maule William Royal Naval Insurance
Oliver Isabella Miss Mistress of National school
Robinson Margaret  Mrs
Thompson Eleanor Mrs Slater