Bailiffgate Museum and the Environment


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Policy Statement

Bailiffgate recognises that, through its value, its work practices and its role within the community has a social responsibility towards its staff, volunteers, the community and the environment in which it operates. It is committed to ensuring that it has a positive impact on the community and environment.

The Bailiffgate ensures that this commitment is demonstrated through its policies and in relation to:

  • Ethical Trading
  • Environmental issues
  • Support for local businesses
  • Support for the community

The Trustees of the Bailiffgate will ensure that this policy are consistently monitored and adhered to and reviewed on an annual basis. They will be updated and improved where necessary and where there are changes within the museum and through legislation.

Ethical trading

The Bailiffgate has a commitment and, wherever possible, the museum will purchase Fairtrade products and use ethically sourced material.

Environmental Statement

The Bailiffgate is committed to a continuous improvement in environmental practice. It will promote environmental awareness amongst its staff and volunteers and on its premises. All new staff and volunteers receive a copy of the environmental policy as part of the induction process and a demonstration of the environmental processes in place in the office. Trustees, staff and volunteers are encouraged to read the green newsletter

We work to reduce:

  • Private car travel whenever possible. Encouraging staff, volunteers and visitors to use public transport, walk or cycle. Our website will link to details of local transport to ensure that visitors do not need to travel by car.
  • Paper consumption – i.e. through always printing on both sides of the paper, and through using technological solutions wherever possible.
  • Distance travelled – use local suppliers to supply goods
  • Energy consumption – ensuring all electrical equipment is properly switched off at the end of the day, promote greater awareness amongst staff and volunteers, unplugging chargers when not in use, speaking rather than e-mailing, sharing copies of documents.
  • Water use – we will make sure that none of our taps drip and that we have no leaks.

We will work to re-use

  • Paper – encouraging staff to make full use of scrap paper
  • Batteries – using rechargeable batteries wherever possible
  • Plastic bags

We will work to recycle

  • Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminium wherever possible – recycling points throughout the office
  • Batteries
  • Office equipment and supplies – through free cycle

We will continue to strive to improve not only in these areas but in any other way we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

Support for local business

Wherever possible, the Bailiffgate uses local suppliers and contractors, and will seek to ensure that products are locally sourced.

Support for the local community

Bailiffgate is committed to the community it serves through:

  • Charging a minimum free
  • Having ‘free entry’ days
  • Providing opportunities for local people to undertake research projects
  • Providing exhibitions of local interest
  • Working with local schools
  • Providing training for local people