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Aymer Edward Maxwell

Aymer Edward



Service Number:


Royal Marines, Commanding Collingwood Battalion



Schoonselhof Cemetery, Antwerpen, Belgium

Service History:
Entered the Grenadier Guards in September 1897, being promoted Lieutenant in 1899 & Captain in June 1904.

He served in the South African War, taking part in the advance on Kimberley, including actions at Belmont & Enslin, for which he received the Queen's medal with clasp. Invalided home 1900.

He retired from the active list with the rank of Captain, entered the Reserve of Officers, Grenadier Guards, in September 1907, & was appointed Captain in Lovat's Scouts Yeomanry in November 1910.

On mobilisation, August 1914, Maxwell immediately re-joined the Grenadier Guards, & subsequently volunteered for service as Adjutant & second in command in the newly-formed Royal Naval Division. He received a temporary commission as Lieut.-Colonel in the Royal Marines ('London Gazette', 10 November, 1914; N.B. After his death), in September 1914, with command of the 'Collingwood' Battalion, then in camp at Walmer, & with it accompanied the expedition to Antwerp.

He was wounded in the head by the first shell of the bombardment of 8 October after 4 days & nights of ceaseless exertion, almost entirely without sleep or rest, & died the following day in the Military Hospital there, being buried in the garden.

The officer commanding the Brigade wrote:

'His death is a severe loss to my brigade. I personally have lost a friend, the whole brigade has lost one of its finest officers. His energy, earnestness & singleness of purpose inspired the whole Battalion, & both his officers & men were animated by his fine spirit from the moment he assumed command of them.'
(Source: 'The Bond of Sacrifice', Volume 1, August to December 1914, Page 260; & 'UK, De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour'; Part 1; Page 249)

Born on 26 October 1877, the only surviving son of the Right Hon. Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell, P.C., F.R.S., 7th Baronet, of Monreith, Wigtownshire, & Lady Maxwell.

Educated at Eton & the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

Married, in 1909, Lady Mary Percy, fifth daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, of House of Elrig, Portwilliam, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Left four children: Christian (b. July 1910); Aymer (b. December 1911); Eustace (b. February 1913); & Gavin (b. July 1914).

Maxwell was a J.P., D.L., & County Councillor for Wigtownshire, a Director of Crichton Royal Institution, & author of various works & articles on sporting subjects.
(Source: 'The Bond of Sacrifice'; Volume 1, August to December 1914; Page 260)

Local Memorial:
Alnwick & County Gazette', 17 October 1914