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Roland Lord, MD


Lord, MD


Service Number:


Northumberland Fusiliers, 3rd (Reserve) Battalion attached to the 1st Battalion



Forenville Military Cemetery, Cambrai

Service History:
In 1911 Lord was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Northumberland Fusiliers 2nd Battalion. At the outbreak of the First World War he was serving in India. The battalion was recalled to the UK & arrived at Plymouth on 22 December 1914. Less than a month later, on 16 January 1915, it left for the Western Front & went into action almost immediately.

Lord was severely wounded on 8 May 1915 during fierce fighting at Frezenberg. In the same action 7 other officers & 138 men were killed or wounded, & the 'Missing' totalled 284.

After a period of recovery, in August 1916 Lord was transferred to the regiment's 1st Battalion & promoted to Acting Captain however he was invalided out the following March, due to the effects of his earlier head wound.

Mentioned in Despatches in April 1917.

Re-joined the regiment & promoted to substantive Captain in the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion. In July 1918 he was attached to the 1st Battalion. Killed leading his Company in the advance at the 1918 Battle of Cambrai.

A letter from his Colonel was published in The Times:

'...before going into battle he was gassed, & although he was advised to go back he refused, & insisted on going over the top with his Company.'
(Source: 'Felton War Memorial: The Men behind the names'; Eleanor George [formerly Hall]; 2009; p. 7)

Born in 1889, at Newcastle upon Tyne, the third child of Albert Alexander Lord, by his wife, Emma Louise (née Greaves), of Highfield Hall, Newcastle.

Grandson of Sir Riley Lord, of Felton Park, Northumberland, three times Mayor of Newcastle during the 1890's & instrumental in raising funds to build the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Privately educated at Abbotsholme & Mill Hill, & studied Land Agency before the war.

One of two sons lost: see, also Flight Sub-Lieutenant Reginald Lord (Royal Naval Air Service; Died 9 August 1915).
(Source: 'Felton War Memorial: The Men behind the names'; Eleanor George [formerly Hall]; 2009; p. 7)

Local Memorial:
Felton War Memorial incorporating Acton, Eshott, Swarland & Thirston