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Elias Burnett




Service Number:


Foot Guards, Coldstream Guards, 1st Battalion



Alnwick Cemetery, Northumberland

Service History:
Burnett first joined the Coldstream Guards on 13 March 1900. He was already a member of 2nd Northumberland Voluntary Artillery at this time. He fought in South Africa from 7 February to 6 October 1902, for which he was awarded the South African War Medal 1902 with clasps for Cape Colony South Africa 1902. He was transferred to the Reserves on 12 March 1903 & discharged on 12 March 1912.

He re-enlisted at Alnwick on 5 September 1914 & joined the Coldstream Guards at Windsor, three days later. He was posted to France on 7 October 1914. He was reported 'Missing' between 29 October to 2 November 1914. Later, it was established he was a Prisoner of War in Germany, from 3 November 1914.

On 10 September 1916 it was reported that he was interned at Berne, Switzerland from Germany, having arrived there on 12 August 1916. On 2 December 1917 he was repatriated to England.

On 19 December 1917 a medical board recommended that he be discharged as physically unfit because of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, which had originated in Germany in March 1915. Sanatorium treatment was recommended. He was discharged on 9 January 1918.

Burnett's military character was recorded as very good & he was said to be a steady, reliable man.

Born in 1878, at Alnwick, Northumberland, the son of Elias & Margaret Burnett.

When he first enlisted in 1900 Burnett was just over 5 ft 8 in with brown hair, blue eyes & a fair complexion. He had been working as a Labourer. His father was given as next of kin, living at Clayport Street, Alnwick.

On his re-enlistment his next of kin was given as his brother, George Burnett, living at Hoods Yard, Clayport Street, Alnwick. When discharged his address was Shields Yard, Alnwick.

He never married.

Two brothers also served with the armed forces - George Weatheritt Burnett initially joined the 21st (Service) Battalion (2nd Tyneside Scottish) (Regimental Service #21/1318) before transfers to the regiment's 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, then the Labour Corps (Regimental Service #617488); Cuthbert Burnett served in France & Flanders as a Sapper with the Royal Engineers (Regimental Service #457804).

Local Memorial:
Alnwick War Memorial Alnwick, Roll of Honour in Northumberland Hall Alnwick, Roll of Honour in St. MichaelÂ’s Church