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Francis Purvis Railson

Francis Purvis



Service Number:


Northumberland Fusiliers, 1/5th Battalion Territorial Force



Soissons Memorial

Service History:
Enlisted at Seghill, Northumberland.

Railson probably joined his battalion on the Western Front in mid- to late-1916 following the Conscription Act of May that year which extended conscription to married men.

In May 1918 the 1/5th Battalion T.F. took part in the Third Battle of the Aisne (27 May - 6 June). The German attack began at 01:00hrs on 27 May with a ferocious heavy artillery bombardment & gas shells. The battalion was disposed in open ground & when sent forward were unable to make any progress & suffered heavy casualties.

At noon the battalion fell back to the canal bank which they held for a while but were forced further back when the enemy crossed the River Aisne. They held a position on high ground until 23:00hrs when they they discovered that the enemy was still advancing & they were threatened with encirlement which prompted a further retirement.

When the battalion was finally withdrawn on the following day the roll call found they'd lost 3 Officers & 10 Other Ranks killed; 3 officers & 99 O.R. wounded; & 11 officers & 374 O.R. missing. Railson was one of the missing, presumed dead.
(Source: 'Felton War Memorial: The Men behind the names'; Eleanor George [formerly Hall]; 2009; p. 51)

Born in 1883, at Newton-on-the Moor, Northumberland, the second of five children born to John Railson (a Gardener), by his wife, Jane Railson (née Purvis), of Swarland Garden House, Felton.

Purvis was a Gardener, like his father, & in 1911 was working in the Alnwick area.

In 1907, he married Ann McMahon. Their son, John, was born in 1910.
(Source: 'Felton War Memorial: The Men behind the names'; Eleanor George [formerly Hall]; 2009; p. 51)

Local Memorial:
Felton War Memorial incorporating Acton, Eshott, Swarland & Thirston